The Writers Community Reads Again!


Well our first meeting started wonderfully last evening, and I think I can speak for everyone that it was really exciting to see so many new faces.

After some meet and greet, we broke out the books and heard:

Ashley Ellison: “Stuff White People Like #105: Unpaid Internships” by Christian Lander, which I understand originated as a blog and then turned into a book.
R Ford: a piece of his own entitled, “The Roar of the Lamb, Parts 3 & 4”
Shaun Gannon: “The Way Things Are” by his hero Russell Edson and “The Evolution of a Barn,” by himself
Todd McKinney: “Slow Dance” by Matthew Dickman (who we learned has a twin brother who also is a writer) from All-American Poem and his own poem “Almost Nine Months Ago”
Rebecca Patrick: “The Gods of the Copybook Headings” by Rudyard Kipling
Tyler Gobble: “Basketball” by G.F. Johnson
Evan Dossey: written in his math class, Evan read “Chocolate Bride”
Andrew Clark-Kennedy: Kurt Vonnegut’s “Teaching the Unteachable” and “Doo-wop” by Marvin Bell

Look out for an e-mail from us as soon as we straighten things out with our club e-mail with BSU computing services, and for a new blog. See you next week!


One Comment on “The Writers Community Reads Again!”

  1. Cole Farrell says:

    I forgot to sign the front of the book. I read a short non-fiction piece from an in-class exercise. It still does not have a title.

    Just thought I’d add it to the list in case anyone was dying to know.

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