of nanorobots and fleas

So there was a heated discussion of fleas and futuristic nanorobots, but of course there was some reading as well.

Brent Royster: a passage from Poetry & Consciousness by C.K. Williams, “Something Like Happiness” by Stephen Dunn, “Herclitus Caters the Philosophy Convention” by Brent Royster
Rebecca Patrick: excerpt from The Picture of Dorian Gray
Andrew Clark-Kennedy: “Lucifer Makes a Snow Angel” by Philip Memmer and “Teetering Lullabye” by Dean Young
Todd McKinney: “The Prepositions” by M. Sharon Olds from Blood, Tin, Straw: Poems; “Invective” by Stephanie Brown from Domestic Interior
Cole Farrell: excerpt from The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion
Andrew Kmiec: “The Butcher” by Andrew Kmiec

1)  This Wednesday night
Poetry Reading
Motinis (all ages)
9:00 p.m.
2) If you are interested in having feedback for some of your own work, we will start initiating that next week.  Just send whatever you have to writers@bsu.edu as an attachment by Monday morning, we’ll print some copies out for the next meeting, and whoever wants to give you feedback can do so.


One Comment on “of nanorobots and fleas”

  1. ptr says:

    wilde and didion in one week? nice work.

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