the last WC of september

Firstly,  the next Writers Community will not be held in the Writing Center but in BL (Bracken Library) 225, as there is a Bill Barich reading Monday, October 6 at 7 p.m.  He’ll give that reading in the evening, and host a more informal talk at 3 p.m. in RB 361 if anyone is interested.

Also, here is a link to some of his work:

Secondly, at the last meeting we had:

1.  Some Halloween Candy
2.  Some reading!

Shaun Gannon: Donald Barthelme’s “The Policemen’s Ball”
Tyler Gobble: “May Day” by Phillis Levin and “Elegy On A Dirt Road” by Victoria Chang
Zach Sabo: “Alice Cooper-Superstar” (my apologies, I forgot to ask for the author)
Rebecca Patrick: “Franglais Resurgent: The French relax their prickly hostility to the English language” from The Economist

October 6: Bill Barich reading, BL 225
October 13: Writers Community back in the Writing Center


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