Writers Community Chapbook: Submissions Wanted!

No so far in the future we’re publishing a chapbook featuring the work of current and former Writers Community members. Therefore, we would be so excited if all of you would submit work of yours that you would like included. Almost any type of work is welcome: prose, poetry, sketches, photographs, lists, letters, and anything else that you have created. Length limits for pieces are as follows:

prose: 1,000 words
poetry: 35 lines
images: just keep in mind that they will be printed on a 5.5 x 8.5 page

Also, please limit submissions to two per person. We may call for more in the future, but for now please just include two.

Send your submissions to writers@bsu.edu, and please send submissions as an attachment (Word 2007 is fine) with part of the title as the file name. Include your name, phone number, the title of each piece, and any other important details we should be aware of.

Deadline: Friday, March 6 at midnight

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we look forward to hearing from you soon!



february 9

We’ve started out the week with some incredible weather and an even better meeting of the Writers Community.  Keep thinking about the upcoming WC chap book, because we will take submissions up to the end of February.

As for the readings:

Shaun Gannon: from Wikianswers.com (I’m pretty sure this is the website) “How do you say I am the pineapple in French?”  I think I can speak for everyone there in saying that it was everything we hoped for and more.
Garrett Cox: “Euphobia”  Check out his design in the new Muncie music scene article in Ball State’s University Expo Magazine.
Andrew Clark-Kennedy: A series of poems by Mark Cunningham featured in the online literary journal Segue
Tyler Gobble: from the New Yorker, “Plumbing,” by John Updike.  He also read a piece of his own, which was untitled.
Todd McKinney: Since our conversation somehow wandered around rabbits at one point Todd read Tony Hoagland’s “Rabbit,” featured in Three Penny Review.  Todd also read Dean Young’s new poem “Scenes from the Crystal World,” also featured in Three Penny Review.
Kimberly Bortnem: “The brain is wider than the sky,” by Emily Dickenson.  Kim also read us her poem which was written to use Dickinson’s style, “It is dangerous to trust only intelligence.”
Rebecca Patrick: from The Economic Naturalist, “Why do bureaucrats favor the passive voice?” and “Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?”

For those heading to Chicago this weekend for the AWP conference, enjoy and travel safely!


p.s. Some extras mentioned at the meeting:
The television show Extras, by Ricky Gervais
No Tell Motel, a website featuring a poet each week with several examples of their work

To Do:

Here’s something for all the “To Do” list lovers out there:

1.  Go to Writers Community, 7 pm, the Writing Center
2.  Buy David Sedaris tickets for March 31 at Emen’s Auditorium.  $15 for students is a steal.
3.  Check out the $3 book sale at Books a Million.  There are actually some good ones in there.