Many thanks

We sincerely thank all who attended or read at the Gala last Wednesday.  It was certainly a success, and an enjoyable night for us (I hope the same for everyone else).  Look out for the 3rd Annual Undergraduate Writers Gala in 2010!


Second Annual Undergraduate Writers Gala!

Second Annual Undergraduate Writers Gala
Bracken Library 225
Wednesday, April 15
6:30 pm

One might ask, “what exactly is this gala?”  Well, that is a good question.  The first twenty undergraduates that signed up to participate will be reading a piece of theirs and competing for cash prizes (awarded to first, second, and third place).  Most of all, this Gala is to celebrate our writers and provide an all around swell party.  Last but not least, there is also a haiku shoot out contest following the reading.  Yes, a haiku shoot out.  No one should miss that.