Scrap Junk Cool-The Visual Side of Writing I

Hey, this is Jeremy Bauer doing a post as part of the Writer’s Community. Hey, whoa, hey!

Now I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but I finally borrowed some technology so here it is. I like seeing notebooks and scraps and such of writer–seeing their revisions, what sort of marginalia (margin stuff) they’ve added, etc. Personally, I write on a variety of things, such as pocket notebooks, legal pads, post its, composition notebooks, and of course the computer, but when using any paper medium I put tags, notes, and whatever else I’m thinking of at the time in the margins. A few weeks ago I saw one of Vonnegut’s original drafts of Breakfast of Champions all taped together with illustrations, penned notes, and all sorts of cool junk at the Lilly Library at Indiana University. I’ve seen various other original drafts of notable literary works and this stuff always makes me curious as to what the notebooks of writers look like. I decided to just scan some of my own and hope other people will do the same with there’s.

Show the world that we are visual, writers!

"I Wonder If Her Tongue Can Dance Like Flower Petals in A Breeze or Ants Dragging the Dead"

This is a poem I tried to put on my blog, but it was really about the alignment and shape of the poem, which was reflected in the content, and my blog provider or whatever they’re called doesn’t jive with different alignments. Writers are artists and most consider the visual element of their writing. This is why I wanna see the scrap birth.

By the way, the stuff below the poem is a collection of snippets that popped into my head for other things or just as standalone lines to be inserted or built upon later.



One Comment on “Scrap Junk Cool-The Visual Side of Writing I”

  1. Tyler says:

    Vonnegut’s writings/scribblings are something else for sure.

    I’m really glad you posted these.

    I think the intrigue of writing on paper, as opposed to the computer, as you alluded to, is the ability to “write in the margins” or have more shape-control. Also, for me, the ability to write “anywhere/anytime” is super nice, as I used to carry around sticky-notes and whip them out to jot ideas down.

    Good post.

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