Mmm Baby by Cody Davis

All the haircuts are making me blush
and your bare feet making waves
in Kool-Aid lakes are making me all warm.

Those darlin’ girls keep perching up over the bridge,
And giggling at our reflections and I laugh too
because I look all funny, the way I am to you.

You know,
we don’t know each other’s middle names,
or birthdays, or
but I’ll tell you to kiss me
and you’d think yes before you thought twice,
and then I’m in.
You are hooked and I will sell it to you.
I will stone you and you will be happy,
high and alive in happily ever after,
or what we make of it with sticks, beer cans,
and dumpster futons, fixed up by bong passing
handy-man men.

I’ll raise your Polaroid to the sun and
shake it red and grey until it evens out
to your annular bright eyes and taught smile.

I am ringing my tambourine and your kickin’ earth up a bayou.

Cody Davis blogs here.


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