Stuff To Read By Writers Community-related People

It is summer time. What to read?

How about supporting some Writers Community folks?

Michael Meyerhofer, Ball State professor and reader at last Fall’s Faculty Reading, has some poems in the Spring Online issue of Poetry Quarterly here on page 44.

Ryan Rader will soon have poems up at The Blue Route. Also, check out Ryan’s publication at Robot Melon.

Layne Ransom has a poem up here. Soon, two more will be up at Thirteen Myna Birds.

You have not read Shaun Gannon’s e-chapbook Casual Glory; or, Macaulay Culkin Does Nothing? You should get on that. Also, check out his piece at The Corduroy Mountain.

I, Tyler Gobble, have two interviews up at The Collagist Blog in conjunction with the new issue.

Be sure to check out all of the blogs of our members (on the side bar) and send us any announcements that should be on this blog.

Thank you, summer people.


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