A Few Pictures From The Bloof Books Reading

Shanna Compton

Peter Davis

Cody Davis

*All photos by Mead Jackson.


Some Bloof Books Reading Recap

Hey Everyone,

The Bloof readers, Cody, and the WC officers would like to send a giant thank you to everyone who came out to the Bloof Reading last Tuesday. It was a great turnout and a fun fun reading. Also, thank you, from us officers, to the readers, who all did a splendid job.

Shanna Compton was nice enough to interview Cody and I for the Bloof guest posts on the Best American Poetry Blog. Read it here.

Coming soon: pictures from the reading, a review of Jennifer L. Knox’s new book, your guest post (?)

Thanks for writing and ruling.

Vouched Presents…

Christopher Newgent is doing some cool things with Vouched Books, including this reading series he is starting. This first one looks pretty killer.

I am definitely going to this reading, and since I think you, dear reader, should go as well, I am offering a ride to you. Cool.

Side notes:
– The Bake Sale ended today, and it seemed to go pretty well. Thank you for all who contributed writing, goodies, and/or time. Elysia will be updating us all soon about how it went in terms of MONEY.
– Still looking for some guest posts on here, shoot us some ideas at writers(at)bsu(dot)edu.
– Don’t forget, no Writers Community next week. Instead, we are hosting the awesome Bloof Books tour kick-off reading at Bracken Library room 104 at 7:30 pm next Tuesday.

Reminder: Bake Sale

The Bake Sale is tomorrow from 11-4 in Robert Bell Building, and again same time on Wednesday and Thursday. Come get some baked treats and creative writing!

Flyer For The Bloof Reading

BSU Writers, be sure to send your submissions by tomorrow afternoon in order to have a shot to open for this reading.


This Saturday at 10 am, the cool lit blog HTML Giant is hosting another online live reading, as part of their Live Giants series, with Mairead Byrne.

I tuned into the techincal difficultied first Byrne Live Giants reading, and despite the problems, it was fun, awesome, and cool. Picturing: pajamas, pancakes, and poems. Woah. I know I know. It’s Saturday morning, but HEY, Byrne is a first-rate poet, so get on up. You don’t even have to put a shirt on to see some poems read. That is like my favorite part.

Check out Mairead’s blog. (I follow it, and yes, it is worth the feed.)

Check out HTML Giant. (Sometimes snarky, sometimes awesome–see Jimmy Chen’s posts)

Buy Maried’s book from Publishing Genius. (a sweet little book from a sweet little press and it’s only 10 bucks! REALLY)

Get up people, there’s poetry a-ringing.