Hey Writers,

Next Tuesday, instead of our super cool weekly meetings, we’ll be hosting The Matt Hart/Michael Meyerhofer Poetry Reading at Bracken Library Room 104 at 7:30. Matt has a new book out, which I’m sure is stellar and Michael is always a fun guy. Also, a soon-soon-soon-to-be-announced Writers Community member will be opening for them.

Also, the following Wednesday, there will be a reading at Village Green Records at 7 pm to celebrate the release of Jeremy Bauer’s chapbook, The Jackalope Wars. Lindsey LaVal and Tyler Gobble (THATS ME) will be reading as well.

Please come to these readings, see some cool readers, pick up some awesome books, support The Writers Community.

I’m gonna get awkward and point you, dear reader, in my direction. Mike Young has come up several times during our meetings, so I wanted to let you know that I have a new post (interview, review, special piece) with Mike Young up at Smalldoggies Magazine. Check it out.


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