The Annual Undergraduate Writers Gala

Next Tuesday, December 7th, is the date for our annual Undergraduate Writers Gala, a reading competition for students here at Ball State. Twenty writers will have a chance to read a single poem or prose piece not to exceed 500 words in front of an audience and a panel of judges featuring Ball State faculty Rai Peterson, Cathy Day, and Jared Sexton along with Creative Writing graduate student Audrey Brown. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded prizes and their own reading in the Spring.

The readers this year include:
1. Fields, Tyler
2. Stacy, Kelly
3. Hurst, Christine
4. Samaniego, Joseph
5. Reagan, Ross
6. Ransom, Layne
7. Rogers, Ben
8. Martin, Rochelle
9. Rader, Ryan
10. Kelso, Steven
11. Jackson, Chelsea
12. McNelly, Spencer
13. Hoffa, Alysha
14. Coffin, Kathleen
15. Arnett, Zach
16. Drozd, Amanda
17. Adkins, Jessica
18. LaVal, Lindsey
19. Bauer, Jeremy
20. Carter, Clay

Prizes this year have been donated by Faculty, including books by Jill Christman, Sean Lovelace, Cathy Day, Peter Davis, and Mark Neely, along with an assortment of anthologies, journals, and other books.

It will also feature the release of the Writers Community’s first chapbook for $3.

It’s gonna be a fun, rewarding night. Hope to see you there.


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