Two Really Cool Readings

1. Tuesday, Be Here Now, 9:30 pm, $1 for under 21, Monthly Reading Series, featuring Writers Community Members Ryan Rader, Ashley Ford, and Cody Sean Davis, among others. Also, Ryan will be releasing two chapbooks.

2. Thursday, AJ 225, 7:30 pm, FREE, Creative Writing Faculty Reading, featuring Cathy Day and Matt Mullins, also a soon-to-be-announced Writers Community member will be opening.


Faculty Poetry/Fiction Reading

So, this Thursday 7:30 pm at the Heorot, Peter Davis, Michael Meyerhofer, J.Y. Sexton, and our very own Writers Community advisor Todd McKinney will be reading. It’s even on Facebook. It’s gonna be rad. It’s 21+, which is ah bummer, but….

Here are some things by Peter Davis that I think are awesome.

HEY this is a cool poem by Michael Meyerhofer

J.Y. Sexton is at HOBART, WOAH

Todd writes long poems. BUT THEY ARE GOOD LONG POEMS.

Well, I hope to see you there.

Back To School: Boo! Back to Writers Community: Woo!

Hey Writers!

Hope you are having a great break. As we are a mere one week away from the new semester, we wanted to email you to update you on some early semester activities.

We will be meeting the first Tuesday at 8 pm in the Writing Center. We will be sticking to the same time and place as last semester. So hope to see you then.

Also, Vouched Books, founded by Writers Community founder Christopher Newgent, is hosting a reading January 15th in Indianapolis with readings by BSU professor Sean Lovelace, 2010 In Print Visiting Editor Matt Bell, Aaron Burch, and Andy Devine. This reading is going to be stellar, and we are hoping to have as many WC members there as possible. If you are interested in going (and hopefully contributing some gas money) or would like to volunteer to drive, then please let us know accordingly.

Also also, Angie Vanderluit on behalf of Blacklist Promotions, Full Circle Arts Co-Op, is seeking articles, essays, short stories, art, and poetry covering a variety of topics such as Feminism, Equality, and Health for a zine for distribution during Women’s Week in March. Email her at by January 21st if you are interested.

Also also also, we have signed up to receive 10 free issues of the April issue of Poetry Magazine for a book discussion. We will give these out on a first reply basis in order to have a discussion and help celebrate National Poetry Month. Please let us know asap if you want to be a part of this.

Also also also also, Cathy Day, our BSU professor and good friend of the Writers Community, wanted me to share this link with you all. Some of you had shown interest in going to this year’s AWP Conference, which is a cool idea, and this would help with one of the expenses.

Also also also also also, some of our fellow BSU writers, including WC Officer Elysia Smith, 2010 Gala Winners Layne Ransom and Lindsey LaVal, and the wonderful WC contributor Ashley Ford, have a new group blog called Chick Litz. It is definitely something to check out.

Well, please let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for Writers Community. We hope to see you very soon.


Six Word Reminders

– Gala tomorrow 7:30 AJ 175 WOOO

– Chapbooks tomorrow at Gala 3 bucks

– Read Read Read Read Read Write

– Thank you for being a pal

The Annual Undergraduate Writers Gala

Next Tuesday, December 7th, is the date for our annual Undergraduate Writers Gala, a reading competition for students here at Ball State. Twenty writers will have a chance to read a single poem or prose piece not to exceed 500 words in front of an audience and a panel of judges featuring Ball State faculty Rai Peterson, Cathy Day, and Jared Sexton along with Creative Writing graduate student Audrey Brown. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded prizes and their own reading in the Spring.

The readers this year include:
1. Fields, Tyler
2. Stacy, Kelly
3. Hurst, Christine
4. Samaniego, Joseph
5. Reagan, Ross
6. Ransom, Layne
7. Rogers, Ben
8. Martin, Rochelle
9. Rader, Ryan
10. Kelso, Steven
11. Jackson, Chelsea
12. McNelly, Spencer
13. Hoffa, Alysha
14. Coffin, Kathleen
15. Arnett, Zach
16. Drozd, Amanda
17. Adkins, Jessica
18. LaVal, Lindsey
19. Bauer, Jeremy
20. Carter, Clay

Prizes this year have been donated by Faculty, including books by Jill Christman, Sean Lovelace, Cathy Day, Peter Davis, and Mark Neely, along with an assortment of anthologies, journals, and other books.

It will also feature the release of the Writers Community’s first chapbook for $3.

It’s gonna be a fun, rewarding night. Hope to see you there.

The Writers Community Chapbook

Today, I picked up the first Writers Community Chapbook from The Cardinal Copy Center. Really stoked about these things, featuring work from Ryan Rader, Tyler Fields, Mead Jackson, Ben Rogers, Spencer McNelly, Cody Sean Davis, Layne Ransom, Jeremy Bauer, Elysia Smith, and myself. Also, the cool cover photo was taken by Rochelle Martin.

The first edition was a run of 75, hand-numbered. They will be $3 and will be released at next week’s Gala. It’s been a great semester for the Community and this book is a testament to that.