Where Are They Now: Laura Relyea

Laura Relyea

Where are you now?

The bustling metropolis of Atlanta, GA.

What have you been doing since graduation?

At first I stayed around in Indiana and interned with an independent record label-Asthmatic Kitty. When the internship ended, my boyfriend, Michael, and I packed up our cars and headed south to the ATL. Michael worked as a freelance animator until he got his job at GMC, a television network.  I spent the next year working at various places and getting to know my new city and its people. Eventually one of those people helped me get a full-time job. So now I’m the Production Manager at a local post-production company and loving it a lot.

Can you talk about your involvement/creation of the Writers’ Community?

Writer’s Community was the brainchild of Todd McKinney. Near the end of my sophomore year he approached Emily [Boshkoff] and me about forming a student organization. He wanted to give creative writing students an outlet to discuss the literature that inspired them, or even read some of their own works to get feedback. It was a very exciting and great idea.

The greatest thing about the group is the fact that its focus is so much about the community. Yes, Emily and I had something to do with its creation, but really we were just facilitators. It was really a group effort. Without the support and participation of the students, staff, and creative-writing department, The Writer’s Community wouldn’t have thrived the way it has. It was great to help plant the seed though.

Do you keep a blog? Any other ways to keep up with you online?

I do keep a blog, my personal blog, Miss-Adventures, is erratically updated (www.reallyrelyay.wordpress.com). My latest brainchild the site Songs For Your Day, which has the same basic philosophy of Writer’s Community. It’s a group of friends who share a deep love for music writing about songs that we stumble upon, love, and cherish.

What have you been reading? Writing?

Right now I’m in the process of Reading “Light in August” by William Faulkner. There are also some literary blogs I frequent: Big Other, BLDGBLOG, HTML Giant, and McSweeney’s

Writing-wise, I have a few longer fiction stories in the works, slowly but surely. I’m still sitting on a manuscript of a memoir I wrote about being in a touring folk band– not sure where to take it next.

But I think the writing that I’ve had the best luck with lately is flash-fiction and flash non-fiction. My idle moments lately are rare, and that is reflected in my writing. But it’s a great literary exercise- every word counts. I feel like an acclaimed surgeon editing my drafts.

What is your favorite WC memory?

The First Annual Writer’s Gala was a really rewarding moment. It was great to see so many people in attendance, and so many new writers participate. It was the first time that the WC really took itself out into the community, and it really paid off. It was very poignant, it was at the end of my senior year, so all of the new faces assured me that the WC would carry on for a very long time.