Two Important Awesome Events This Week

The Sixth Annual In Print Festival at Ball State University

Vouched Presents: Ling, Pritts, Harriell, Ford, and Blanchard


Back To School: Boo! Back to Writers Community: Woo!

Hey Writers!

Hope you are having a great break. As we are a mere one week away from the new semester, we wanted to email you to update you on some early semester activities.

We will be meeting the first Tuesday at 8 pm in the Writing Center. We will be sticking to the same time and place as last semester. So hope to see you then.

Also, Vouched Books, founded by Writers Community founder Christopher Newgent, is hosting a reading January 15th in Indianapolis with readings by BSU professor Sean Lovelace, 2010 In Print Visiting Editor Matt Bell, Aaron Burch, and Andy Devine. This reading is going to be stellar, and we are hoping to have as many WC members there as possible. If you are interested in going (and hopefully contributing some gas money) or would like to volunteer to drive, then please let us know accordingly.

Also also, Angie Vanderluit on behalf of Blacklist Promotions, Full Circle Arts Co-Op, is seeking articles, essays, short stories, art, and poetry covering a variety of topics such as Feminism, Equality, and Health for a zine for distribution during Women’s Week in March. Email her at by January 21st if you are interested.

Also also also, we have signed up to receive 10 free issues of the April issue of Poetry Magazine for a book discussion. We will give these out on a first reply basis in order to have a discussion and help celebrate National Poetry Month. Please let us know asap if you want to be a part of this.

Also also also also, Cathy Day, our BSU professor and good friend of the Writers Community, wanted me to share this link with you all. Some of you had shown interest in going to this year’s AWP Conference, which is a cool idea, and this would help with one of the expenses.

Also also also also also, some of our fellow BSU writers, including WC Officer Elysia Smith, 2010 Gala Winners Layne Ransom and Lindsey LaVal, and the wonderful WC contributor Ashley Ford, have a new group blog called Chick Litz. It is definitely something to check out.

Well, please let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for Writers Community. We hope to see you very soon.

Vouched Presents…

Hey writer pals,

Reminder, I am organizing a trip to this sweet event next Saturday. Vouched Books is an indie lit promoting company started by BSU alumni Christopher Newgent. I think this thing is going to be stellar. We don’t want to miss it!

I am planning to drive. I have room for two others, as Cody and Jeremy have already nabbed seats with me. If anyone else would be willing to drive, in case we need more room, please let me know. Also, please note if you are wanting to go or not. I figure we could go down a little early, grab some grub, and see some sweet readings.

Hope you can be a part of this! See you soon.

Vouched Presents…

Christopher Newgent is doing some cool things with Vouched Books, including this reading series he is starting. This first one looks pretty killer.

I am definitely going to this reading, and since I think you, dear reader, should go as well, I am offering a ride to you. Cool.

Side notes:
– The Bake Sale ended today, and it seemed to go pretty well. Thank you for all who contributed writing, goodies, and/or time. Elysia will be updating us all soon about how it went in terms of MONEY.
– Still looking for some guest posts on here, shoot us some ideas at writers(at)bsu(dot)edu.
– Don’t forget, no Writers Community next week. Instead, we are hosting the awesome Bloof Books tour kick-off reading at Bracken Library room 104 at 7:30 pm next Tuesday.